Infographic: 3 Brilliant Differences Between Drone Surveying &Traditional Surveying
This infographic lays out the different ways Florida Aerial Survey Technologies products stack up to our competition.

Infographic: 3 Brilliant Differences Between Drone Surveying &Traditional Surveying

Drone Surveying for Construction and Engineering

Transforming data in construction - Now.

At Florida Aerial Survey Technologies (F.A.S.T.) we use cutting edge, proven survey and modeling techniques as well as custom programming to produce and verify our surveys and data. Our company prides itself on the ACCURACY, SPEED, AND DENSITY of our data. 


1. Rapid Turn Around Time

Traditional survey methods take days or even weeks onsite to get a few dozen to a few hundred points. Using drone surveying and mapping our company completes our on site work in only hours, freeing your site of distractions and liabilities. 

With our rapid turn around service, your data can be delivered in as little as a 24 hours from our time onsite. The bottom line here is using our aerial surveying services, you get faster data for your money!

2. Drones allow for survey data in the tons

Traditional survey methods produce a few thousand points on the largest surveys. Outputs are then assumed from this data set. Our methods don’t assume. Even a one acre survey produces millions of points (tens per foot) that we use to create incredibly accurate outputs. This data density allows for extreme accuracy.

3. Totally Tight Tolerances

Florida Aerial Survey Technologies uses  proven and reliable methods to ensure each of our millions of points are accurate to within 1/10th-of-a-foot tolerances. This is the same standard traditional surveys use meaning you get 1,000,000 times the data with no loss of quality. 

Bonus! Florida Aerial Survey Technologies is uniquely qualified

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