Get more detailed surveys completed in one week.

What if you could get more detailed and complete surveys done in a week? 

With F.A.S.T you can. 

Using the most advanced data-gathering methods, F.A.S.T collects, creates, models, and transforms data in a fraction of the time. Our data is collected by rendering 10M–10B GPS referenced points, accurate within 1/10th of a foot. Our technology captures a completely accurate digitized model that is to scale. As a licensed drone operator, we understand state and federal regulations and can build custom projects to fit your needs. As licensed surveyors, we understand your needs for a successful project. Call (239) 280-0835 or email [email protected] to get a free quote!

F.A.S.T Method vs. Traditional Methods

F.A.S.T MethodTraditional Methods
Data Points10M–10B10K–100K
Accuracy1/10th of a foot1/10th of a foot
Project Turnaround5–10 Days3–4 Weeks
DeliverableCustomizable, including 3D maps and contour mapsStandard graphs, not able to be updated


Get a Signed, Sealed, and Insured Survey Delivered So You Can Start Your Work Faster

How It Works

  1. Set Flight Plan
  2. Launch UAV and Collect Data
  3. Analyze Data and Deliver More Complete and Accurate Surveys

Our Services

  • Surveying
  • Topographical Mapping
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Mass Usage Planning
  • As-Built Reports
  • Volume Calculations
  • Stockpile Measurements
  • Engineering Deliverables
  • And Much More

Who We Work With

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