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Florida Aerial Survey Co-Founder Profiled in GulfShore Life Business May Edition

F.A.S.T. Co-Founder Andrew Kobza was profiled in Gulfshore Life Business for his entrepreneurial ventures including Naples Drone Solutions and Florida Aerial Survey Technologies. A life-long resident of Naples, Kobza attributes his success to the close knit nature of the business community within South West Florida. Kobza first started practicing surveying and mapping services three years ago after an interest in 3D modeling during his high school and collegiate track introduced him to computer aided design. Realizing the power of 3D modeling and data collect, he set out to build a strong business in South West Florida utilizing his network of business contacts he had cultivated through growing up in the construction industry over the course of 10 years at The Aerial Companies, Inc., his fathers general contracting company. He held a number of positions ranging from project manager to I.T. learning how job sites are managed and how data flows (or in some cases has trouble flowing) through a SMB organization. Read the Gulfshore Life - Business by clicking the button below.

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  1. Good Morning, I am writing from the Remote Sensing Division of NOAA in Silver Spring Maryland. We do aerial surveys to make nautical charts and emergency response- storm damage imagery. I keep records for the missions, and have been assigned to canvass survey companies to determine if you still require hand-written flight logs (if addition to digital logs or digital recordings of flight missions). We are at the point of updating our Statement of Work documents which have since 1943 required a written log.

    Is there, to your knowledge, a requirement as a survey, that any survey either terrestrial or aerial, must have an accompanying written log? The log is brief, things like flight line numbers, location, alt, focal length, camera (instrument number), conditions at time of imagery capture, and crew chief and operators signatures, etc.

    In your case, does Florida law regarding surveys (of any kind) require some written accompanying log to an electronic survey?

    Thanks for whatever information you can give,

    1. We have the ability to electronically sign PDF survey documents as long as the signing is done by a Licensed PSM. Thanks for the question!

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