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Coastal Projects – Engineering and Design Controlling Your Design with Optimal Knowledge   Coastal projects are extremely complex works of engineering. Blending nature and humanity, a successful coastal engineering project is like an art piece. Harmony between man and nature, earth and sea. The challenge lies in getting valuable data, knowing that data is accurate, and being able to monitor the work being carried out to ensure your design is being constructed to its specifications.
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Traditional Surveying vs Drone Mapping Site Design Comparison The advancements in drone technology and mapping software are revolutionizing the survey industry. The amount of data we can collect, and the accuracies achieved have never been possible in the past. Also, the speed at which the data can be collected and turned around has never been faster. As an example, let’s look at a small commercial development that required a topographic survey for further design and
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Not All Drone Mapping is Created Equal Some Tips on Ensuring Your Data is Accurate   With the recent advances in drone technology there are many companies and individuals offering a wide arrange of services to many diverse industries. Many of these services like real estate photography, video  production for products or services, and simple aerial photography are being provided by high quality companies and individuals that provide a tremendous service. These services require the
Surveying and mapping beaches for governments, contractors, engineers, and environmentalists.
Coastal Projects Benefit from Aerial Surveying at Every Step Part One: Municipalities, Counties, and Governments On coastal projects such as beach re-nourishment, jetty construction and repair, and wildlife monitoring aerial surveying services, such as surveys done with drones, are invaluable at every step of the project. Municipalities and counties, engineers, contractors, and third party inspectors can all benefit from the wealth of data our services deliver. Municipalities and counties care deeply about their beaches and water
International Surveys We service the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and the United States We have been moving FAST! Our team just completed a survey of over 92 acres in our first International project in Sint Maarten. Best known for it’s beach that features landing planes right overhead, Sint Maarten was hit hard by this past hurricane season. Our clients are on an important mission to help the people properly dispose of waste. We delivered our
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Why Drone Based Data Works Construction, Surveying, Infrastructure, Golf Courses, Landfills, Beaches, and more. Here at Florida Aerial Survey Technologies, we have may methods for collecting data. We have proprietary methods and processed that we have designed to ensure our control over our data is maintained to the highest of standards. One of our primary data collection tools is our drone fleet. Our methods allow us to collect hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions
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Co-Founder Profile Florida Aerial Survey Co-Founder Profiled in GulfShore Life Business May Edition F.A.S.T. Co-Founder Andrew Kobza was profiled in Gulfshore Life Business for his entrepreneurial ventures including Naples Drone Solutions and Florida Aerial Survey Technologies. A life-long resident of Naples, Kobza attributes his success to the close knit nature of the business community within South West Florida. Kobza first started practicing surveying and mapping services three years ago after an interest in 3D modeling