Storm Water Drainage .

Mitigate Surprises with an Existing Conditions Survey.

Before starting your project, mitigate surprises and mistakes by getting a detailed storm water and drainage survey. This survey produces contours, surfaces, and even point clouds if desired. Our team of drone surveying experts ensure the data is captured, processed, cleaned, and handled properly to ensure accuracy. 

storm water and drainage survey

Verify Completion of Drainage Projects with As-Built Surveys.

Clients like to see the proof on jobs. Our surveys not only verify existing conditions, but also give you a comprehensive look at your site with a top down view that allows you to see any area that may be even slightly unfinished. 

site work and mining surveying

Never Miss a Detail. 

Our methods are literally thousands of times more thorough than traditional survey methods. One of the many benefits of using FAST’s drones to survey storm water and drainage systems is that our equipment completely models areas we survey. This ensures any future questions have detailed answers, even if the question was unknown at the start of the project. 

Why Choose us?

We will earn your trust. Guaranteed. 

Our teams are highly trained and we do not use any subcontractors to collect our data. We invest in our people, process, and deliver a stellar product. Our company prides itself on our communication, technologies, and our by-the-book methodology.

Specifically, for storm water and drainage surveys, these disciplines allow us to execute consistently and get you verifiable answers time and again. 

We are fully licensed and insured and we care about your data. Any questions? Contact us, we are happy to help.  

drainage survey photo
This photo shows the installation of a bridge and modification of one of the Big Cypress Basin Canals in South West Florida.

Take a look

View some samples below

This is a model of a golf community in Naples, Florida that had issues with drainage. Our storm water and drainage surveys helped the engineers helped the engineer accurately model the flow of water and drainage patterns. This is the raw model, from here we clean the noise out of areas like the water and trees then verify the model to our ground control points. 

This 1,400 acre storm water management and drainage job was performed in Lee County, Florida. Instead of months to survey this property, our team completed the entire drainage survey in weeks. This uncleaned point cloud was over one billion points! We had quite a bit of work on our hands to clean out all the noise and verify the model to our ground truth. The model shown is also compress (and inaccurate) due to the size limitations of the viewing platform we use on the website.

Behind the Scenes

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