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Volume Calculation of Stockpile

 Quick Deployment.

Whether the need to measure your stockpiles stays consistent throughout the year for asset turnover ratio calculations or a discrepancy has come up on a site, our team knows how important speed is to our clients and we can often be onsite in as little as 48 hours. 


Accurate Answers.

Dirt is expensive! Our drone surveying technology allows us to certify our volumes to as tight as 2%. We pride ourselves on being the definitive answer to our clients dirt woes. 

stockpile volume survey

Technology that helps you understand.

We don’t just fly drones. We develop technologies. From our FAST Quote software to our InterMaptive interactive map viewing software, we pride ourselves on developing tech that helps our clients understand their data. 

Why use us?

We get quality data. Guaranteed. 

The drone survey and aerial volume calculation experts at Florida Aerial Survey Technologies knows how to get excellent data. We pride ourselves not only on accurate data, but also on open communication with our customers. Not only do we specialize in aerial and drone surveying, but we also develop software in house to help our customers handle both the quote process and the immense data that is available through the state of the art collection methods we use.

We are licensed and insured to survey and fly drones. We care about your data!

stockpile volume measurement surveys

Take a look

View some samples below

This model shows a stockpile of fill dirt on site at a new home development in south Florida. This volumetric survey has to be cleaned of both vehicles on site and noise in the water before final volume calculations can be performed.

The aerial survey of this stockpile in Arcadia Florida shows how thorough our modeling captures sites. This model is completely cleaned and ready to be used to generate final volume calculation numbers.

Behind the Scenes

Read our blog posts to understand what we do and why!

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